A response from Julia McHugh

<p>Julia McHugh wrote back to my <a href="/blog/story/does-julia-mchugh-of-elliman-misrepresent-her-real-estate-sales">post questioning the accuracy of a post-card she sent out</a>:</p> <p><blockquote> <p>Rob,</p><p> I’m sorry to hear that you and your family had such a difficult time purchasing a home; you are correct, it can be a very harrowing experience. </p><p> You are also correct that I pushed- It is rare when a sale in this set of circumstances ends successfully; there were many times when the towel was almost thrown in but I kept everyone calm & on track.</p><p> I wish that you could know how many hours I spent on the phone with the seller, recommending that we give you first priority and negotiating a price for you versus the much higher list price. I also wish that you had expressed your concerns and prior bad experience with me; open communication is imperative in such a life-changing transaction. After all, how can I address a problem when not given the opportunity? </p><p> Real estate is about creating homes and shaping peoples’ daily lives, not just money - I pride myself on providing a high level of personalized service and take care for each person involved in every deal I do. It does sting that you are so unhappy with me; especially since most of your frustrations stem from (unfortunate) situations that are not related to me. My personal feelings aside:</p><p> The most important thing is that the important parties benefitted from the end result. The sellers sold, and now you and your family have a wonderful home to enjoy for years to come. It’s my hope that this difficult experience will fade as you realize the benefits gained in becoming a homeowner. (I dare mention that your home has already gained in value substantially.)</p><p> Respectfully,</p><p> Julia McHugh</p> </blockquote></p> <p>First: Julia, thank you for the thoughtful and calm reply; re-reading it now, I'm sure that post wasn't all that fun to read.</p> <p>I certainly agree that the arc of our house-purchasing experience coloured things with Julia. The paragraph above that talks about being more open ("...open communication is imperative...") is exactly the kind of thing I had learned <i>not</i> to do with previous attempts; being open about some stuff is obviously beneficial, but being overly open with someone primarily aligned with the seller is unfortunately dangerous – indeed, the law as I understand it would have required Julia to pass along anything material. Presumably I could have done better here, though. </p> <p>We do indeed have a very great apartment at the end of it all, and I've quickly put behind me the stress of searching, offering, getting into contract, getting a mortgage, and closing – some of those steps repeated several times.</p> <p>So, while I immensely appreciate the reply, and I do think my original post was perhaps unnecessarily antagonistic in its stance, I do still think the post card overreached. To address these things, I've re-titled that entry so that it's a little less glaring on Google since that seems disproportionate, and posted a note pointing back here for an update.</p>
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