Asthma and Bogus Surveys

<p> A combination of a precipitous drop in exercise, decreased dietary quality, stress, a cold, and an encounter with fresh oil paint seems to have exacerbated my asthma over the last week. I had a minor cease-up this morning, so decided to get a script for some tasty tasty salbutamol (aka Ventolin). I went to one clinic, but it looked like it was going to take about two hours, so I went to another in the same chain 'cause they allegedly had a five minute wait (hah!).</p> <p>Anyway, when I finally got to sit in a room, they asked me to fill out a survey. "Meh, sure, I have nothing else to do." Name, address, home phone, hmm..this isn't very anonymous.</p> <p>"Which of the following applies to you?" Aha! The survey proper!</p> <p>"I am concerned with excessive hair growth and would like to have it removed." Umm. no. next.</p> <p>"I would like to diminish the appearance of vertical lines on my lips." Hmm. I don't even know which way my lip-lines run. </p> <p>"I would like to enhance the size of my lips." This survey is very focused on my lips. </p> <p>Five more bullets, and then "I have no cosmetic concerns." Yeah.</p> <p>How bogus. </p>
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