Bell Canada Sucks -- I'm leaving!

<p> I called Bell a few days ago to cancel my cell phone plan. It was a twelve (12) month contract, and I'm pretty sure there was a 30 day cancellation period. After the identity verification, the conversation went roughly like this:</p> <p><blockquote> Me: I'd like to cancel my cell phone plan.<br> Her: When would you like cancel it?<br> Me: Ideally, September 30th, but if it has to be at the end of a billing period, then September 19th or whatever it is.<br> Her: Okay. We can do it for September 30th. That's after your contract period, so you should call back on September 19th.<br> Me: I believe I'm required to give 30 days' notice, and since there aren't thirty days after the end of my contract, I'm not sure that will work.<br> Her: What day do you want to cancel?<br> Me: September 30th if I can, but the 19th is fine.<br> Her: Okay, well, for the 19th, here will be a fee for cancelling early.<br> Me: I don't understand. It was a twelve month contract, I'd like to cancel it after 12 months.<br> Her: Yes, there's a fee of $100 because you're future-dating the cancellation during the contract period, so you're terminating during the contract.<br> Me: Can you explain that to me? I just want to terminate my contract at the end of it.<br> Her: Yes, so there's a fee for cancelling early.<br> Me: That can't be; you can't charge me an early cancellation fee for ending a twelve month contract after twelve months. Is that really what you're trying to do?<br> Her: Yes, there's a cancelation fee for that.<br> Me: Okay, can I speak with your supervisor please?<br> </blockquote></p> <p>It was the fastest and fiercest I've ever gotten angry with a telephone person, partly because I saw it all coming, and I'm generally ticked at the horrible customer service and pricing and market manipulation in telecomms in Canada.</p> <p>It took a couple minutes, and then the same voice came back:</p> <p><blockquote> Her: Sir?<br> Me: Yes.<br> Her: Okay, it looks like we can go ahead and do that for you.<br> Me: Oh, great! So cancelling Sep 19, and no fees?<br> Her: Yes. Can I ask why you're cancelling?<br> Me: I'm leaving the country.<br> Her: Oh, forever?<br> Me: Well, for a while.<br> Her: Okay, you will be disconnected on September 19th. Anything else I ca--<br> Me: Great, thanks. That's all, then.<br> Her: Good bye.<br> </blockquote></p> <p>Weird. What happened while I was on hold? My best guess is she played back some of the call for the supervisor. My tone was extremely curt, and I had said "you can't charge me an early cancellation fee for ending a twelve month contract after twelve months" with great conviction, mostly 'cause I felt..err..great conviction. </p> <p>It really seems like they were just fishing for me to go along with another month or whatever. The transcript above is actually substantially less ambiguous than the original conversation. </p> <p>This all stems from the fact that I'll be moving to New York in late September. I'm going back to Google after a reasonably successful leave. Canada's my ultimate home, and I think Toronto in particular, so I'll be back often to say h'lo.</p> <p></p>
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