Experimenting with Schedules

<p> On Monday, I got back at 7:25 on an overnight bus returning from a trip to my parents' place north of Toronto. Straight to work I went, in by 8am (and in time for breakfast at work like a spoiled weenie) for the first time ever. I left at a reasonable time mostly 'cause I wanted to go home and shower/change after an overnight bus trip. </p> <p>Tuesday started with a 7:50am wakeup from oncall who wanted a bit of help. I'm the lead for my team now, so this kinda falls to me automatically. Dealt with that, and got in to work in time for breakfast again.</p> <p>By Wednesday I had decided this was a habit, caught breakfast despite catching the train the wrong way for one stop thanks to confused signage at my under-construction subway stop. (Yes, dear reader, I'm sure it was the signage and not me that was confused. One stairwell said "Manhattan/Flatbush" (i.e. two different directions depending on which of the two tracks down that stairwell you got on a train) and the other said "MANHATTAN" in big letters. Not wanting to get confused, I went down the Manhattan stairs, and got on the first train that came, which was headed for...Flatbush. Wednesday night the power went out. In the old days, I'd like up a candle and do in-the-dark things. But these days as a fancy pants oncall must-survive-everything guy, I have a laptop with a spare battery and a 3G/EVDO USB wireless internet magic. By 10:30 my first battery was dying and I didn't want to dig into the second one, so off to bed I went. </p> <p>Thursday's commute was brutal: too-full trains that you couldn't get on, slow, and generally unpleasant. This is what happens when you sync your clock with the other 8 trillion people here, though I'm not sure why it was so much worse than Wednesday or Tuesday.</p> <p>Today (Friday) I got up early and I'm trying to work from home 'til 9:30 or so, when things should calm down. I'm not sure if it'll work, since I've mostly been reading blogs and..err..writing blogs. </p> <p>Despite the fact that this week's experimentations were mostly the product of serendipity, it's good because my commute is really bugging me. The narrative right now is that I'm waiting until I can cycle for about four weeks straight, and if I still don't like my commute then I'm moving closer, either in a closer part of Brooklyn or more likely into Manhattan. That will take a while, since I have to find a new 'hood, weasle out of a lease without losing deposits, etc. </p> <p> </p>
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