Got a Gig!

<p>Yesterday I had a chat with someone from the Toronto office of <a href="">the Pembina Institute</a>. I'll be ramping up slowly with them, by mutual agreement. It's a one-person office, and she's very busy, while I'm spending a lot of free time working to get <a href="">Chris Tindal</a> elected, or at least record-setting vote numbers.</p> <p>Though I don't think they're secretive about what they're doing, I don't want to go into detail -- it's related to the <a href="">Renewable is Doable</a> campaign. And electricity grids. And things that are not entirely dissimilar to my work at Google. And they want me to be a <a href="">Combinatorist and Optimizationist</a>, per my degree title -- better bust out those linear algebra textbooks. woop woop.</p> <p>After a few weeks, I'll hopefully be going in two days a week, which should suit me just fine. Then I will design in a tiny component of the system that shaves a rounding error from every power transmission and diverting it to my private lair, where I will use the power to build an army of monsters.</p> <p>Please don't tell anyone. </p>
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