I went to the Bronx!

<p> You know sometimes if you haven't called your mum in a while, and you know you need to catch up, you feel like you need to find a good chunk of time before you pick up the phone?</p> <p>Yeah. Blogging's like that too. But too bad. </p> <p><a href="http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=2862515">I went to the Bronx!</a>. By bike. On Monday. Just barely went over the bridge to touch down, and then came back. I've now finally been to all five boroughs, four on bicycle, two only to touch down and return (Staten Island ferry being the other one.)</p> <p>Two more parties, a bunch more cycling, been across the Williamsburg bridge, ...[looks at last entry]...oh boy! Been to California by bus (64 hours. Not that crazy.) for three weeks of couchsurfing and working..then flew back. Went wine-"tasting" while I was there (I was the designated drinker). Lost my iPhone, started using my gPhone, started <em>liking</em> my gPhone a few weeks later, had my team shuffled a bit at work, and many other important things I'm forgetting. Oh, had a friend and his gf visit from Germany, had <a href="http://paulschreiber.com/blog/">Paul</a> come for a few days, and Josh is coming this weekend and my parents are coming next weekend. D was here somewhere in there, too. =) </p>
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