Letter to Minister Prentice

<p>I just fired this letter off to Jim Prentice, who tabled the rather vile Bill C-61 on Canadian copyright <span style="text-decoration: strikethrough">de</span>reforms. I'm not sure if it's all properly addressed, but then I realized I really shouldn't have to care.<blockquote><p>Hon. Minister,</p> <p>As a Canadian citizen, I'm disappointed by the lack of balance in Bill C-61. The balance in copyright policy should be struck by governments, with strong provisions for fair dealing and personal use to maximize art and the enjoyment of art. Certainly, a "balance" should not be left to corporations shielded behind legal buttressing of so-called "digital locks". </p> <p>When I buy a DVD, I should be able to format- and time-shift it, regardless of the existence of digital locks. To call this a "very technical issue" as you did in your interview with The Search Engine is disingenuous; this is a simple issue that will affect Canadians in their day-to-day lives. Indeed, since a truly effective digital restriction system would prevent the fair dealing that's inherent to the social balance of copyright law, it's unclear to me why they should even be permitted in Canada. These problems only scratch the surface of what's wrong with Bill C-61, but I'm surprised something so clearly out of balance was tabled in the House of Commons.</p> <p>As an active citizen, I participated vocally in the last round of national copyright consultations, and I'm disappointed and distressed that the lessons learned then were ignored, and no further public consultation was held. I strongly support thriving art and culture in Canada, but I certainly don't believe this bill will serve small artists, nor does it serve consumers.</p> <p>Sincerely,<br> &nbsp; Rob Ewaschuk<br> &nbsp; Toronto, ON </blockquote></p> <p>In other news, <a href="http://picasaweb.google.com/rob.ewaschuk/TorontoPrideParade2008">Toronto Pride Parade 2008</a> was super fun, <a href="http://www.wwec2008.com/">World Wind Energy Conference 2008</a> was super learnful, Canada Day in Ottawa was a giant party of red and white and sunny green grass fields, I think our mouse is really actually gone, Trev, Krista and Phil visited from Dublin and it was good, and summer in Toronto is lovely. </p>
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