<p>[Written on the train back from Montauk yesterday morning]</p> <p>I went to bed early last night, depleted from an accidental century from Babylon to Montauk point and with an early rise to catch the only morning train back to NYC.</p> <p>I woke up at 4, then 5:20, then 5:59, just in time to silence my alarm with waking anyone up. I'm on a train now, for which I was short on cash, and rescued by a stranger to the tune of $5.25. He's American, she's Japanese, and they're headed back to Tokyo.</p> <p>The ride was one of the finest I've ever done -- long, good company, gorgeous sunshine (from whence came some good tan marks), 25km/h tailwind, wide shoulders with only occasional rough spots, and a tasty (but overpriced) lunch in "The Hamptons".</p> <p>We got to the campground after 80 miles (ahh! 128km) and were told it was 4mi (6.4 in sane, metric units) to the lighthouse. Off we went! 10 miles (16km) later, we got there. Surreptitiously, we had celebratory beer on the rock beach (which had awesome surfing waves, except that each of which ended up with death on some hidden rock).</p> <p>By the time we got back, a century was completed. We collapsed, took off our most uncomfortable clothing, then began eating everything in sight. This was a supported ride, in that some other folks had driven and trained down with our stuff, which was lovely.</p> <p>I feel super-awake this morning, with only minor soreness. Still going to nap my way through the train ride, though. =)</p> <p>Hurray summer! </p>
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