My First Day On The Job

<p> Today, I woke up early, and awake. I had breakfast, saw Clare off for the day, and started...</p> <p>..wait, where's all my email? I've started the day for the last 3 or so years reading anywhere between one and a bazillion hours' worth of email. And it's gone. It's like a free hour in my day. Along with the other 8 hours that are also now free. </p> <p>After I didn't read my email, I proceeded to not go to work. Admittedly, this wasn't my most productive morning -- I spent it getting my address book in order. I'm quite happy to have time to do this sort of thing. I'd like to write Christmas cards this year, since I got enough last year that I can't really continue with this laissez-faire approach. But, to send Christmas cards, I need two things: A list of people to send them to, and those people's addresses. I've decided to build the list based on frequency of flattering blog comments, so get your considered thoughts in below. </p> <p><img src="" class="right">I'm sitting in a <a href="">Quizno's</a> sub place. That wasn't my plan -- I was supposed to be at <a href="">Chris Tindal</a>'s campaign office helping them set up. On my way, I went to file for a new passport, so I can go to New York sometime soon. Turns out that takes like an hour and a half -- twenty minutes in a <a href="">pre-queue</a>, then being told to go to Quizno's an come back in an hour. Who am I to disobey the fascist passport office people? ("Excuse me ma'am, please step outside or turn off your phone." "Excuse me sir, please don't use that perfectly good pen right now; it's attached to a desk that nobody is at, and your use of idle resources offends us.")</p> <p>Tonight I have my first day of my <a href="">media course</a>. I hope it's good. The first lecture in the Friday Lecture Series was about the evolution of man. You'd think that would be a fascinating subject, and it was when I read about it in Guns, Germs and Steel. The audience was mostly older folks, and the lecture was very accessible. Which is obviously good, bt I coulda dealt with something more meaty as it were. Hopefully further lectures are better.</p> <p>It's almost time for me to go back to passportlandia. Hopefully they didn't lie to me about how long I could go away for. </p>
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