New Server

<p>If you're reading this, something worked.</p> <p>We changed servers, from <a href="">OpenHosting</a> to <a href="">RimuHosting</a>. OpenHosting was not serving all of our needs, and was running on outdated software for virtual servers like ours (A computer that simulates being several computers, so each person perceives having a whole computer to themselves).</p> <p>OpenHosting had excellent support, however they screwed up a bit at the end, not knowing why we had a port apparently open. This happened to coincide with a misconfiguration of the mailserver that made it look like we had been hacked and were sending spam (in fact, we were sending spam briefly, which really sucks, but entirely because we left the front door open, not 'cause someone snuck in the back one.)</p> <p>So anyway, now we're on a shiny new server. You shouldn't notice a difference, except that the wiki is down for a bit. </p>
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