Objectives and an Interview

<p>I've finally published my <a href="http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=ddvnbrz_27hm92snhr">objectives</a> -- this is a living document, and I invite feedback on it. It's basically continuing the quarterly organization I grew used to at Google, though simpler. </p> <p>I also had a chat with someone at the <a href="http://www.pembina.org/">Pembina Institute</a>. He pronounced it Pem'-bin-ah, not Pem-been'-ah, so I will too. It sounds like there's a good possibility that I'll be able to do some form of structured volunteer work on their advocacy side, which is very exciting. He proposed two possibilities, both of which sound great -- one that sounds roughly like the kind of work I thought I might get, and one that sounds like a much larger, more nebulous but far-reaching goal. Did I mention that both are very exciting? Good.</p> <p><a href="http://www.google.ca/search?q=jezzball+flash"><img style="height:12em" alt="Jezzball" src="/images/website/jezzball.jpg" class="left"></a>This week has suddenly seen a bit of a slow-down. Yesterday was lost to an addictive flash game reminiscent of Jezzball and some Linux/Debian/Etch/Sarge upgrade SNAFUs on our webserver. Also reading a tonne of blah blah blah about the YHOO+MSFT&gt;<sup>?</sup>GOOG question. And blogs and stuff.</p> <p><a href="/blog/life/no-repeat-movies.html"><img style="height:12em" src="/images/website/natural_capitalism.jpg" alt="Natural Capitalism" class="right"></a>In addition to my current moratorium on flying, and on <a href="/blog/life/no-repeat-movies.writeback">seeing movies I've already seen</a>, I'm considering sanctions against myself -- a sort of targetted "buy nothing" month. I'm reading <a href="www.natcap.org/">Natural Capitalism</a> and the first bit is all about the collosal amounts of waste everything generates. It's not the TV. It's not even the box, the styrofoam. Nor the lighting in the shop, the receipts and paperwork. It's the large (more than 10-to-1 in many cases, and even more for electronics) waste from manufacturing, not even counting effluent water. It's the tailings from the mining of the various metals, and the wasted runs of moulded plastic from parts manufacturing. And, of course, it <i>is</i> the TV, and it <i>is</i> the lighting in the shop, and all the things you can see, but there's so much more that you can't see. No, I'm not going to make an iceberg analogy.</p> <p>Last night I had the second installment of my media course, which was every bit as good as the first -- full of things I have no idea about, but aren't particularly difficult. It turns out we actually have to do some work, which somehow caught me off-guard, but it's not actually that much. She also gave us a free copy of her book.</p> <p>Tomorrow I'm going to go to the Green Party office again, and hopefully start kicking a bit more ass there. I've also gotten in touch with their tech guy, who seems quite keen to harness my energy for his nefarious purposes. </p>
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