One Hundred Fifty Dollars of Nom

<p><img src="/images/website/IMG_7022_small.jpg" style="text-align: center"><br></p> <p>That's from my first shop at the <a href="">Food Co-op</a> and in tune with my <a href="/blog/life/nyc/shrinking-feet.html">attempt at a dietary change</a>. Nom nom nom. I bought some canned pumpkin and coconut milk and cilantro, which tomorrow will turn into a delicious soup with any luck. </p> <p>When I got out of the store it was snowing, and by the time I had biked home with all that on my back and handlebars, there was a nice thick coating on the cars &mdash; snow is so pretty.</p> <p>&hearts; food.</p> <p></p>
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