Spring Cleaning

<p>It's a pissing rainy day, and I'm oncall. My economics course is done, and I barely got any sleep. </p> <p>So I did some spring cleaning -- finally got rid of the old server that I've been paying for unnecessarily for about 6 months, woohoo. And cleaned out some spam from the wiki, and added High Tech Spam Protection&trade; to this blog; you now have to put the secret password ("potato") in the right place when you post a <a href="/blog/meta/spring-cleaning.writeback">comment</a>. Please let me know if you can't make it go.</p> <p>I also cleaned up my laptop, wasted three DVD+R disks trying to backup photos, cleaned up the <a href="/links">links</a> section, and dropped the completely-stale <a href="/projects">projects</a> section from the left bar.</p> <p>Not that you care.</p> <p>Oncall again tomorrow for the long weekend, and my parents are coming to visit on Thursday so I'm taking Friday and next Monday off. Woohoo! </p>
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