The First Day of the Rest of My Leave

<p>Today was the first day. Of course, it's a Saturday, and so it felt like any other Saturday. Presumably Monday will be rather more distinctive.</p> <p>Last night I went out for pints with my office cohorts, and had a good time. After that, Clare and I went to <a href="">Steamwhistle Unsigned</a> and saw some live music. Some of the bands were okay, but overall I wasn't a fan of the music. It was a cool venue, though.</p> <p>I had my minor "oh man, what have I set in motion?" freakout on Thursday, but it passed quickly. I dealt with it by writing a giant list of things to do on Monday. Normally when one writes a list, the goal is to keep it reasonable, and perhaps try and have it be feasible to accomplish it all -- in the case I wanted the opposite: a big list of things to make sure I couldn't possibly get them done, so I knew this whole thing wasn't a mistake. Fortunately such a list wasn't hard to come up with.</p> <p>At work, we divide things up into quarters, and set objectives on a quarter-long timeline. I've decided I'll do the same, and so I also started figuring out what those things might be -- life stuff, like going to the dentist for the first time in a while and cooking some new things; learning stuff, like my courses, and reading; and of course the more focused stuff like Green Party participation, and that sort of thing. </p> <p>I bought a new laptop today -- a mid-range Macbook -- since I don't actually own any computer right now. I've been using my work laptop for quite a while. It's kinda nice to have my own computer again.</p> <p>So, not hugely eventful. I'll post my quarterly objectives sometime soon, for comment. And maybe I'll even take it all the way, and score them and take feeback on that, too. </p>
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