To a Fully Vegetarian 2012!

<p>Over the last few years I've slide slowly down a slope of eating more meat. At first it was occasional consumption at big feasts like Christmas and Thanksgiving, and slowly became once a month, then twice a month, then twice a month but the bacon the next morning still counts as all one big meal.</p> <p>I did manage to stick pretty close to being strict on only eating "happy" meat – stuff that lived a reasonably free-roaming, natural-behaviour-supporting, sane-food life – which I'm please about. But these little exceptions have gone too far and taken on a life of their own; Juliet and I have decided to go for a fully vegetarian 2012. Jane's coming along too, but that was probably the case anyway...she doesn't get a lot of say in these things!</p> <p>The only exception we have is travel; a trip for her brother's wedding to Thailand will be virtually unsurvivable vegetarian, we're told. I've always had an exception in my personal veggie rulebook for when travel makes it really hard so that seems fine to me.</p> <p>(For the record, I still think New Years Resolutions are fairly silly; this is more "an easily marked period of time" like "I'm not going to drink for the month of May" than it is a "turning over a new leaf starting on an arbitrary day" kind of thing. Also for the record, I still thing splitting hairs is an engaging pastime.)</p> <p>To a Fully Vegetarian 2012!</p>
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9 years, 6 months ago "Don" said:


8 years, 12 months ago "Nathan" said:

Hmmm...I've never felt strongly about being vegetarian and never bothered to try it out but lately I've been intrigued by the idea. I can just imagine how great it must be for your health. They also say that cow farts are causing global warming so ending that is a plus...

8 years, 7 months ago "Chris Parker" said:

I am fully vegetarian, and it keeps to healthier than other. Being a vegetarian you won't suffer from fats and cholesterol problem. The green veggie gives you everything which requires you for your daily work out.

8 years, 7 months ago "Chris Parker" said:

It is also good in term of economy. Veg food is always cheaper than non veg.