Visits, Kayaking, and a quarter of leave

<p> I updated my <a href="">Objectives for Leave</a> with scores, comments, and the goals for next three months, most of which are carry-overs. Comments welcome. Especially on how to have more self-discipline. :-)</p> <p><embed id="VideoPlayback" style="float:right;width:400px;height:326px" flashvars="" src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"> </embed>I tried to go <a href="">kayaking</a> with my friend Jeff. We got all packed up and ready to go, then drove up to Port Severn, unloaded, and got going. Three hours and about three kilometers later, our hands were cold (no gloves, but socks were making it livable) and the waves were picking up. We pulled into a little unsheltered nook to decide whether to continue. I pulled up alongside some rocks (shown at 0:16 in the movie) in a feet of stupidity, and then started getting pushed up onto them by the waves. It was all pretty scary, and I seemed to be getting pushed up higher with every wave. Eventually, I managed to figure out how to ride the waves <i>down</i> the rocks, instead of up, got myself off, paddled frantically to a more sane docking place. By the time I got there, Jeff was up and out of his kayak and on his way around to where I nearly tipped. It was pretty exciting and scary &mdash; tipping's never fun, and rocks and frigid water make it less so &mdash; but it all worked out in the end.</p> <p>New photos are up from when I <a href="">visited Halifax</a>, and some random ones from <a href="">around Toronto</a>. I "lost" my camera (in the recycling pile, as it turned out) for while my whole famiy was gathered in Orillia, so no photos from that. </p>
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